MSP: Incarnate the star of your Dreams


Movie Star Planet is a stylish game that involve players into a virtual world where they need to push their characters into ultimate fame. The objective of the game as the name states it is to raise a star in the movie universe. The game is mainly destined to girls, however it’s possible to customize a male character and build his way to fame. It’s perfectly understandable why Movie Star Planet has large female player base, the game is about style, fashion and other interests that generally attract girls. However, it doesn’t mean that boys can’t enjoy a good time there, you’ll surely meet many male characters that enjoy spending their time in front of their computers or mobile playing movie star planet.

When it comes to character customization, the only limit is your imagination. It’s something that requires creativity and a lot of attention to details. Of course, the character is yours, no one can tell you or dictate the way you customize it, however it’ll be more benefic to you if you follow the advises we bring you.

The first element you should consider when customizing your character is the color of the outfit, the hair and whatever accessories you put on. Colors are the first thing that our minds perceives and comprehends according to our psychological referential. It is very important to choose carefully the colors in a way that complements your own personal style and adds a special touch to your character. For instance, putting black clothes is definitely like having your character wear a pink outfit.

The second aspect is related to style trends and whatever the mode and design industry brings up in the market. Following some influencers or content creators related to that stuff can be a good a source of inspiration. It’s better to go for something that was never seen before because it easily attracts the curiosity of the viewer and makes him wonder the story behind that design.

The last and most important thing is to come up with something that you love. Remember that it is just a game, and in the end it’s about having a good time. So do not hesitate on putting whatever you like on your character without caring about what other may say about you.